Networking – NRW Delegation

Networking – NRW Delegation.

People ask me all the time: „How did you manage to build such a great Network?“ At events I see three types of Networkers:

  1. is trying to collect business cards from every single person at the event,
  2. not interested/too shy,
  3. talking to those, who are interesting to him and his business.

You can probably guess, which one I find more productive: 3.

The Art of Networking surely needs few components. The talent is important but not less important are interest in people and practice. And I truly believe that anyone can learn it.

Last week I went with a friend to an event, organised by the AHK, and we met some very interesting people. One of them was Julia. We talked about business and our interests. It was also great to see friends, because honestly I barely see friends outside of business at the moment. Well, being a mom and Entrepreneur is not easy.

Go to events and practice, it’s worth it!

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