From Pastry into Tech

How dare you are to go out of your comfort zone? What does it take to leave the CEO position in a very good and prosperous company, because you feel that you are missing something very important in this digital world?

Nati Bar, the former CEO of Israeli prominent bakery&cafe chain „Roladin“ gave an inspirational talk about her story and her way to a new dream, and the current trends of new digital era. She highlighted that some of the jobs which were considered as stable, have now been changed by completely different jobs, such as AI and Machine Learning specialists, new technology specialists, innovation professionals to name a few. Nati transformed the 5P Porter’s concept to a new 5E concept, where Product is replaced by Experience, the right Place is replaced by Everyplace, and Price is substituted by Exchange.

The conversation brought a lot of questions and our delegation was left with a special mission – to translate 2 accompishments from old to new old. And what about you?) Just dare and do it!

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